DMA is rooted in creating initiatives that add value to organizations of any size.  Along with references and case studies, DMA has many clients who feel strongly about their close relationship with DMA, and they give DMA specific comments related to their wonderful experiences with IDM and the DMA team.  Below are just a few examples of the many comments DMA receives.  These comments are unedited and in the words of our clients.  Although each client has unique needs and utilizes the many services DMA offers in different ways, the underlying theme of the array of comments DMA receives focuses on the extraordinary way in which DMA acts as a strategic partner in helping our clients to grow and prosper.


"DMA has been an invaluable tool for BMI. Information obtained through the DMA analysis has been used to set strategic direction. It has removed the guesswork about our members and about the effectiveness of our service delivery."

Bill Allender
President and CEO
Columbus, Ohio


"I have worked with the staff at DMA for several years through mergers and system conversion and have found that DMA brings a unique blend of knowledge in the finance industry and technical system expertise together.  I don't believe there are many, if any, other companies that have the skill to blend unique data systems and different approaches to analyzing and breaking information down into cost components to the extent DMA can.  They consistently demonstrate the value of their knowledge and the flexibility to work through difficulties."

Jeremy Oliver
Senior Vice President
Finance and Operations, and CFO
Fargo, North Dakota

Unitus Community Credit Union

"DMA continuously pushes our team to focus on the meaningful data that really drives success for Unitus.  DMA provides our team with a set of metrics that allows us to focus on the most critical aspects of the business and to better understand how each member contributes to the success of our organization."

Pat Smith
President and CEO
Portland, Oregon

E & A Credit Union

"First is the breadth and depth of industry knowledge contained within your organization.  But even with all of the industry knowledge, you understand that one size does not fit all.  With each initiative DMA has helped us with our individual market, our membership, our mission, our corporate strengths and challenges, and our ultimate goals are considered.  Understanding the industry and E&A helps DMA to position us for success; it is the difference between consulting and being a full fledged partner."

"The other thing that sets DMA apart is the staff.  Everyone's responsiveness and professionalism are impeccable.  But beyond that, I've never worked with a more engaging and personable group of folks in my entire 30 year career.  I look forward to every interaction, and I'm not sure how it happens, but I come away surprisingly energized."

Marion Brenner
Chief Operating Officer
Port Huron, Michigan

Westerly Community Credit Union

"Working with DMA has been a great experience.  They not only review and report important data/analysis about our membership, but offer ideas and concepts to improve our profitability.  We look at business in a new, more thorough way now that we have partnered with DMA.  We have worked with other MCIF/CRM organizations in the past and have left feeling that we had been given a mountain of information, but no guidance on what to do with the data.  DMA is different.  They give us detailed quarterly reviews and analysis, as well as ideas & concepts specific to our organization to help us improve.  Greg (Hutzell) and all of DMA are just a quick phone call away to run a product idea or clear up confusion for us.  That kind of service sets them apart from the organizations we have worked with in the past."

Meg Sisco
Vice President Marketing
Westerly, Rhode Island

Bay Federal

"DMA gives us the tools and the advice we need to manage a key component of our business — Profit Risk.  Their system provides us with critical information on branch, product, and member level profitability, and it delivers a variety of membership profile views that enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of our sales efforts.  We use their tools to perform what-if analyses on changes to our sales strategy, product pricing, and branch network.  DMA's experienced team of consultants provides additional value by sharing observations about our performance and advising us on industry best practices.  Our decision to partner with DMA has transformed the way we manage our business and provided the tools we need in today's volatile environment."

Carrie Birkhofer
President and CEO
Capitola, California


"DMA provides a powerful product.  Providing knowledge and insight into our membership that enables us to operate more efficiently."

Jeff Marshall
West Palm Beach, Florida


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