Recent DMA Awards/Recognition

CUES Financial Suppliers Forum Supplier of the Year Award

CUDL "Best of the Best" Practices Award for Outstanding and Innovative Practices in Direct Lending

CUNA "Best of the Best" Practices Award for Database Systems

Recent Bank And Credit Union Resource Articles About DMA

Profit Risk and Profitability

CUNA - "Big Data"

"Cloud Technology - It's Not Pie In The Sky"

ABA - "Matrix Marketing: How Can Statistical Analysis Turn Bank Sales And Marketing Upside-Down And Generate Serious Profitability?"

Arkansas Banker - "The New Breed Of Bank Management And "Big Data""

"Funds Transfer Pricing - The Core Of Profitability Analysis: What Are The Different Types Of Models?"

WIB - "How To Effectively Transform Data into New Intelligence"

CUES - "The Profit Risk Problem"

Wall Street Journal - "Introducing A La Carte Checking"

CU Management - "You Have To Use It"

CU Management - "Relating Data"

CU Management - "Micro Marketing"

CU Management - "Make the Most of Member Data"

CU Management - "Funds Transfer Pricing"

ABA Bank Marketing - "Precise Profitability"

Credit Union Management - "Making Data Pay"

Credit Union Journal - "The Third Piece of Risk Management: Understanding 'Profit Risk'"

Credit Union Journal - "Bay Federal Embarks on 'Mutual Profitability' Plan"

Credit Union Times - "Bay Federal Credit Union CEO Shares Hard Lessons on Mining Member Data"

American Bankers Association - "Impact on Profitability"

Bloomberg - "Wells Fargo, BofA Push Cross Sales"

ABA Bank Marketing - "Take Out Your Calculators"

ABA Bank Marketing - "Profit In The Drink"

ABA Bank Marketing - "The Profit Pursuit"

The Mortgage Press - "Profit Risk - The Third Leg Of Risk Management"

California Banker - "Managing Profit Risk To Avoid A Meltdown"

Credit Union Times - "The Three Most Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Credit Unions"

Credit Union Management - "Spread The Word"

Michigan Bankers Association Magazine - "Bank Marketers Measure Profit Risk in Changing Times"

Western Independent Banker - "Deposit Gathering: Building A Balance Sheet Profitably In Today's Tough Environment"

The Credit Union Pipeline - "Improving Mortgage Lending Profitability"

Credit Union News - "Credit Card Profitability: Why Is Breaking Even So Challenging And What Can You Do About It?"

ABA Bank Marketing - "Finding Wedded Bliss"

Hoosier Banker - "Rising Variable Interest Rates Mean A New Environment for Banks"

ABA Banking Journal - "Looking For Ms./Mr. Right"

San Francisco Gate - "Banks turn to Cross-Sell"

National Mortgage News - "Savvy Consumers Pose Marketing Challenge for Home Equity Lenders"

Home Equity Wire - "Marketing HE Now More Complicated"

Charlotte Observer - "Push Cross-Sales to Boost Growth"

AMIfs Journal of Performance Management - "The Financial Crisis"

FMS Newsletter - "Deposit Strategy"

Matrix Marketing

Secondary Marketing Executive - "Matrix Marketing Can Mine Databases For The Most Profitable Customers"

Credit Union Magazine - "Integrated Data-Driven System Nets Big Results"

Western Banking - "Non-Traditional Banking Channels - The Future Of Retail Delivery"

PABanker - "Cross-Selling: Like Cholesterol, There Are Good And Bad Cross-Sales"

The Credit Union Journal - "Where Everybody Knows Their Name (But Not Much Else)"

Hoosier Banker - "Upscale Marketing: It's Not What You Think"

Credit Union Magazine - "Add A Personal Touch"

Credit Union Management - "The Right Message - The Database Marketing Agency Helps Credit Unions with Members More Effectively"

Independent Banker - "Changing the Tune - Turning Customer Service Complaints into Compliments"

Credit Union Management Magazine - "Spread The Word"

AllBusiness - "Upscale Marketing"

Generational  Marketing / Market Segments

BAI Banking Strategies - "Branching Into Micro-Markets"

Independent Banker - "Talking About Our Generations"

USBanker - "Loosening the Purse Strings"

Credit Union Management - "In The Moment"

ABA Bankers News - "In Touch With Gen Y"

ABA Bankers News - "Generation Y: The Challenge Is Gaining Their Trust"

Credit Union Management - "A Rich Tapestry - A Mix Non-Traditional Marketing Techniques Works Best with Affluent Members"

Independent Banker - "Marketing For The Ages"

Credit Union Magazine - "In Search of E-Marketing - Hit The Right Audience at the Right Time"

Kansas Banker - "Aiming for the Upscale Market"

Western Independent Banker Magazine - "Incentive Programs For The New Decade"


WIB Technology & Security Digest - "CRM Technology - Why Your Core System May Not Be the Best Solution"

Credit Union Magazine - "CU Secure CRM Success"

Community Banker - "Six Steps for Success When Buying CRM Software"

CUES Credit Union Management - "Quiet Conversations"

More articles about DMA 

CUmanagement.org - "Distinctive Data"

Creditunions.com - "Reorienting A Credit Union"

The Business Journal - "Executive Profile Rich Weissman"

Texas Banker - "Managing Change in a Changing Environment"

Western Independint Bankers Technology And Security Digest - "MCIF Database Security - Questions to Ask When Assessing MCIF Providers"

American Banker - "Looking Beyond Survival ; Courting Growth Through Ads"

Credit Union Times - "Think Tank CEO Urges Credit Unions To Take On Big Banks"

Western Independent Banker Technology And Security Digest -  "Cloud Technology - What Is It Anyway?"

Bloomberg - "Wells Fargo, BofA Push Cross-Sales as Loans, Investments Lag"

Western Independent Banker Technology and Security Digest - "The Virtual Branch - What Does It Need To Look Like And Do?"

Recent DMA Speaking Engagements

CU Conferences - National Supervisory Committee And Directors Conference, Dana Point, California

Bay Area CFO Networking Group - Bay Area CFO Conference, San Francisco, California

Lorman Education Services - Audio Presentation

CU Conferences - Directors Roundtable Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bank Administration Institute - BAI Annual Retail Delivery Convention, Washington, D.C.

American Bankers Association - ABA Annual Marketing Convention, San Diego, California

Michigan Credit Union League - Annual Convention, Traverse City, Michigan

American Bankers Association - ABA Annual CFO Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana

National Association of Federal Credit Unions - NAFCU Annual Credit Union Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference, Palm Springs, California

CU Conferences - National Credit Union Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana

Association for Management Information in Financial Services - AMIfs Annual Convention, Phoenix, Arizona

American Bankers Association - Marketing Conference, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

CU Conferences - Credit Union Products & Services Conference, Memphis, Tennessee

American Bankers Association - Annual Marketing Conference, Baltimore, Maryland

CUES - Annual Convention, Cancun, Mexico

Texas Bankers Association - 8th Annual CFO Conference, Lost Pines, Texas

Financial Managers Society - 2011 Finance & Accounting Forum, Boca Raton, Florida

Association for Management Information in Financial Services - Profitability & Performance Measurement Conference, Evanston, Illinois

CU Conferences - National Credit Union Conference for Directors and Senior Management, Las Vegas, Nevada

Credit Union Executive Society - CUES Executive Summit, Snowmass, CO

CU Conferences - 29th Annual Bottom Line Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

CU Conferences - Business Development And Marketing Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

Western Independent Bankers - WIB Education Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bank Administration Institute - Retail Delivery Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

Texas Banker's Association - Senior Management Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Association for Management Information In Financial Services - Profitability And Performance Measurement Conference, San Antonio, Texas

CU Conferences - Detecting Risks And Managing Fraud Conference, San Francisco, CA

Western Independent Bankers - Chairman's Forum, San Francisco, CA

Minnesota Bankers Association - Annual Marketing Conference, Bloomington, Minnesota 

Western Independent Bankers - "Understanding A New Component of Risk Management", Webinar

Financial Managers Society - "Capital Improvement In Today's Economy - How Is That Possible?", Webinar

Association for Management Information In Financial Services - DMA Webinar - "Profitability And Funds Transfer Pricing - Living Happily After", Webinar

American Bankers Association - Annual Marketing Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Association Of Management Information In Financial Services - Profitability And Performance Measurement Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

CU Conferences - Annual Services And Products Forum, San Diego, California

Western Independent Bankers - Annual CFO, Investments and Operational Risk Conference - San Francisco, California

American Bankers Association - National Marketing Conference - Denver, Colorado

American Credit Union Mortgage Association (ACUMA) - Annual Conference Las Vegas, Nevada 

Michigan Bankers Association - Annual Marketing Conference - Lansing, Michigan

New England Credit Union Services - The Great Annual New England Credit Union Show  -Boxborough, Massachusetts

Western Independent Bankers - Annual CEO Conference - Kauai, Hawaii

American Bankers Association - Annual Financial Sales Management Conference - Orlando, Florida 

DMA-SSM - Managing Marketing And Sales For Profitable Growth In These Tough Times Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada 

National Credit Union Director's Conference - Annual Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada

Western Independent Bankers - Business Development Annual Sales Growth Forum - Newport Beach, California

Financial Managers Society - Finance And Accounting Conference - Orlando, Florida

Western Independent Bankers - Annual CFO, Investments, and Operational Risk Conference - Indian Wells, California

Western Independent Bankers - HR Forum - Newport Beach, California

National Council For Postal Credit Unions - 25th Annual Conference - Orlando, Florida

American Bankers Association - Annual Marketing Conference - Baltimore, Maryland

Schneider Sales Management - Annual Copper Mountain Conference -  Copper Mountain, Colorado

Western Independent Bankers - CFO, Investment And Operational Risk Annual Conference - Huntington Beach, California 

Delaware Valley CUES Council - CEO Convention - Malvern, Pennsylvania

Financial Managers Society - Annual Convention - Chicago, Illinois

Nebraska Bankers Association - Annual Marketing Conference - Lincoln, Nebraska

Western Independent Bankers - Annual Marketing & Business Development Conference - San Diego, California

Illinois Credit Union League - Annual Marketing Conference - Chicago, Illinois

Illinois/Arizona Credit Union League - Joint Conference - Phoenix,  Arizona

The Bank CEO Network - Community Bank Director's Conference - Phoenix, Arizona

Washington Credit Union League - Marketer's Council - Federal Way, Washington 

Schneider Sales Management - Copper Mountain Bank Roundtable - Copper Mountain, Colorado 

American Credit Union Mortgage Association (ACUMA) -  Annual Conference - New Orleans, Louisiana 

Symitar - Northwest Conference Portland, Oregon

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