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DMA Services

DMA's Strategic Advisory & Professional Services
provide consulting, training, and technical support to help you make smarter strategic and tactical decisions that differentiate your brand with IDM OnLine

Strategic Advisory IDM Implementation IDM Customization Training & Education Technical Support

Strategic Advisory Services

Executive Strategic Review DMA delivers strategic and professional services in a myriad of ways. To help you quickly get started with IDM OnLineā„¢ we provide a wide range of Implementation and customization services, plus user training and technical support.

To help you get the most out of using IDM OnLine we can also assist with strategic advisory services, such as Executive Strategic Reviews, that turn the insights and information from by IDM OnLine into actionable cross-functional plans for your marketing, sales, finance, and management teams to improve your Profit Risk and ensure income sustainability.

Executive Strategic Reviews

One approach unique to DMA, is the delivery of customized Executive Strategic Reviews. These reviews are a critical part of successfully implementing the insights derived from IDM OnLine. They provide a source of information, analysis, understanding, engagement, and assistance in converting data into actionable plans.

Executive Strategic Review sessions are typically up to two hours in length and conducted in person or via a webinar. Although they are customized to your institution's needs and objectives, these reviews typically focus on a mixture of:

  • Performance review and analysis, which consists of an assessment of your financial institution's prior period financial, marketing, and sales performance and overall performance review. The review typically focuses on the profitability performance during the period and the impact of the strategic plans and tactical campaigns undertaken during the period on income and growth, including:
  • Financial performance, where key metrics are reviewed (balance sheet, income statement, profitability, margin, pricing), and the relationship between marketing and sales performance and the resulting changes in the financial performance are discussed.
  • Marketing and sales performance over the last quarter, where key metrics are reviewed (e.g. relationships served, penetration, cross-sell, churn, retention, growth, profit segments, product profitability, and break-evens). Issues such as product and relationship performance as they relate to profitability are addressed.
  • Performance-to-goals, where key metrics are reviewed relative to goals that have been established. Often this assessment is used to set or reassess revised goals for upcoming periods.
  • Review of key issues facing the financial institution, along with peer and best practices review.
  • And finally, overall conclusions are reviewed, relative to expected performance and opportunities in marketing, sales and financial performance areas.

By following a rigorous structured approach like the Executive Strategic Review session, you can ensure that the strategic insights uncovered by IDM OnLine get translated into effective tactics that make a real difference in how well your institution meets the needs of your customers or members. This approach also ensures that you can stay a step ahead of competitors, even when changing markets and economic trends create challenges to the health of your income statement and the management of your Profit Risk.

IDM OnLine Implementation Services

DMA provides basic implementation services for IDM as part of your IDM subscription. Getting clients started with IDM typically takes about 90 days from start to finish. During the IDM implementation phase DMA provides the following services as part of your IDM subscription:

  • Project management for the implementation phase.
  • All database setup, programming, allocation methodologies, hierarchies, user accounts, security settings and other parts of the IDM OnLine setup process.
  • Loading of data extracts provided by client IT staff.
  • Holding orientation meetings and teleconferences with your IT staff, management team, and IDM users.

Client IT staff and IDM users participate in the planning and setup activities through regular teleconference sessions during for the setup period. Your IT staff is responsible for preparing and transferring the GL, initial and monthly refresh data extracts from your Systems of Record, and other pertinent information needed to setup IDM's databases and users.

More advanced assistance to get you started including assistance with key IDM OnLine tasks like designing and creating custom reports and list queries, planning and tracking marketing campaigns, customization of Digital Dashboards, building sales scorecards and incentive plans, and other advanced help is available on a contractual basis.

IDM OnLine Customization Services

One key benefit of the IDM OnLine is the many options it provides for users to customize the reports, analytics and even the user interface to suit their needs. This flexibility can make your IDM users more productive and make the insights provided by IDM more accessible.

To help our clients optimize their use of IDM OnLine, DMA's professional services group can help customize IDM to your needs in a number of areas including:

  • Custom Report/List Design and Creation: although IDM OnLine includes over 50 types of standard reports and many more types of lists, it may be useful to customize these reports and lists or even design and create entirely new ones. Although new or modified reports and lists can be added anywhere they are available in IDM OnLine or in the User Designed Reports component, DMA can help create unique reports based on your specifications. These reports then will be automatically generated each month.
  • Digital Dashboard Customization: the Digital Dashboard in the IDM OnLine Management module can be customized for each user. Each dashboard can have multiple categories, each of which can have a collection of data frames that show the results of specific IDM OnLine reports, analyses, or modeling tools. Users can also have more than one Digital Dashboard making the customization options practically unlimited.
  • Setup and Validation of Advanced Statistics: the Summary Statistics component in IDM's Management Analytics module has powerful options for selecting criteria, periods, and statistical methods. DMA can help you setup appropriate statistical analyses to get you the answers you need, testing them to ensure the results are accurate and complete.
  • Training on Customization: DMA can include your institution's customizations into the DMA training for your users, whether delivered via webinar or in person onsite, reducing confusion and ensuring that any customizations can be correctly utilized.
  • Migrating Customization to Future Releases: DMA can ensure that any customization are carried over into future versions of IDM OnLine.

Customization of IDM OnLine by DMA will ensure you get exactly the information you need, when you need it, in order to become more effective at understanding and managing your Profit Risk, without placing an additional workload on your staff and IT team.

IDM Online Training

DMA provides several options to train your staff on the correct use of IDM OnLine's tools, analyses, reports, and management options:

  • Monthly Training Webinars: training webinars for IDM Online are offered to all DMA clients, both during start up and afterwards. During the webinars, DMA professional services consultants can answer questions from your management team and IDM users on how to use the tools, reports and analytics in IDM OnLine along with other topics of interest. During the webinar, DMA trainers can demonstrate features of IDM OnLine and cover ways to maximize the usage and benefits of IDM OnLine to your users.
  • Onsite IDM OnLine Training: as an optional contractual service, DMA trainers can come onsite at your bank to conduct both basic and advanced training in how to use any of the IDM OnLine modules and components.
  • IDM OnLine Release Update Sessions: typically held once a quarter, these sessions focus on the new features and capabilities in the latest IDM OnLine release.

IDM OnLine Technical Support

DMA's support services for IDM OnLine is available to clients with active subscriptions. Our technical support group can help you via phone calls or emails to assist you in using IDM OnLine, addressing and issues or problems. We encourage you to take advantage of this technical support whenever you need it to make your use of IDM more productive.

For assistance using IDM OnLine, including scheduling either webinar-based or on site training for your users, please call or email use using one of the numbers below:

Call: 503.597.0088 or 888.DMA.MKTG (888.362.6584)
Email: clientservices@DMAcorporation.com

For users who need more extensive help, a DMA professional services consultant can walk you through an IDM OnLine session either remotely using a secure screen-sharing tool, or onsite if necessary, on a contractual basis. We also provide a detailed User Guide containing complete instructions on how to use all of IDM OnLine's modules and components including standard reports, models, and analysis tools.