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The webinars are presented by DMA President and CEO Rich Weissman.  For more on Rich's bio and his background, click here

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*Note - if none of the remaining dates/times are convenient, please contact Corey Whitney at corey.whitney@dmacorporation.com to schedule a time for a complimentary one-on-one session.


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DMA provides complimentary webinars each month on industry topics. Here are our more recent topics presented.  If you missed any of these, please contact us at corey.whitney@DMAcorporation.com for a one-on-one presentation to your Management Team, Key Executives, and/or Board of Directors:

  • How To Prepare Effective Marketing Programs: Matrix Marketing 101

  • The Art And Science Of Translating Data Into Action

  • Transaction Analytics

  • Effective Profitability Integration

  • Improving Earnings And Capital

  • Utilizing Sophisticated Funds Transfer Pricing

  • New Methods For Detailed Profitability

  • Intro To Innovative Branch Profitability

  • Matrix Marketing 101

  • Incentive Plans 101 - How To Build A Profitability-Driven Plan

  • Profitability 101 - Product and Customer/Member Profitability Basics

  • Strategic Plans - How To Compete In Today's Environment

  • Intro To GenX/GenY - How To Profitably Penetrate These Markets

  • "Profit Risk" The New Risk Management Tool For Income Statement Sustainability

  • Intro To Pricing For Product Price-Sensitivity/Elasticity

  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Models For Community Banks and Credit Unions

  • Utilizing Sophisticated Funds Transfer Pricing For Community Banks and Credit Unions

  • Key Macro Bank/Credit Union Trends For 2014 and Beyond

  • Interest Rate Sensitivity At The Customer/Member and Product Level How To Measure Price Elasticity

  • Moving From A Volume To Profitability Culture - Why Most Institutions Are Lagging

  • Improving Earnings And Capital - Better Utilizing Profitability/Pricing/MCIF Systems

  • Innovative Branching Strategies New Ways To Forecast Market-Specific Profitability Potential

  • Product Profitability Best Practices In Measuring Profitability On The Product Level

  • Profitability Details and Dynamics What Are The Critical Measures and Tools You Must Have To Be Successful

  • Moving Beyond Unit Cost/Revenue Values New And Dynamic Profitability Measures

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