DMA’s award-winning system, measurement analytics, and strategic concepts provide a foundation for profitability growth for financial institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.  DMA focuses on managing for income sustainability by integrating management, finance, marketing, and sales.  DMA is a premier provider dedicated to driving cross-functional activities for increased bottom-line performance in these tough economic times.

Our role at DMA is three-fold:

  • Providing our state-of-the-art IDM Integrated Database Management System, which integrates customer/member data with the G-L and external data for profitability analytics, financial reporting, MCIF, modeling, warehousing, scorecarding, dashboarding, sales/campaign tracking, incentive plan, new money, product and customer/member pricing, matrix marketing, mapping, and CRM for improving the income statement and capital.

  • Providing extensive research and analytic support including modeling technologies, matrix marketing programs, incentive programs, pricing programs, and a variety of analyses, for demographic / businessgraphic, market segmentation, branching / channel, share of wallet, and survey / focus group market research.

  • We are a think tank where we conduct industry research and provide insights and education into the future trends in the industry, acting as a catalyst for industry change.

Our clients rely on us because we act as their fully outsourced strategic partner, bringing them customized solutions to help them grow profitably and minimize Profit Risk.  They know that with the highly sophisticated strategic, analytic, and tactical support we provide, our clients can improve and sustain the financial performance of their institution.

At DMA, our mantra is:

              "only the most informed and profitable will survive and prosper..."

We believe that information-based analytics, focused on profitability, will best determine which financial institutions survive and prosper.  This philosophy is pervasive throughout all DMA services which we provide to our clients.

Founded in 1996, DMA is a member/participant with the Financial Managers Society (FMS), American Bankers Association (ABA) and the ABA Marketing Network, Credit Union Executive Society (CUES), Association for Management Information in Financial Services (AMIfs), Credit Union National Association (CUNA), Bank Administration Institute (BAI), CU Conferences, Independent Community Bankers of American (ICBA), Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC), and Western Independent Bankers (WIB). DMA has been recognized with national financial industry awards including "The Best of the Best", "Supplier of the Year, and "Best Practices", among others.

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